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    Years have passed, those we once knew have grown up and now it’s time for a new generation of Ravens to follow their dreams and create their own story. This little town in the state of North Carolina is home to many remarkable people, where you grow up being someone who matters, no matter what path you follow or what dreams you choose to believe in. You may face tragedy and heartbreak but if you are lucky, you may find hope, love and friendship. No matter if you’re still in high school, heading off to college, starting a family or finding the perfect job, everything starts here and now. Your dreams may not turn out to be what you want them to be, but sometimes you can find what you’re searching for right around the corner without even realizing it. This is your time, your chance. Your life is yours to live. You may become a writer, a basketball player, a musician or maybe even a teacher, just remember you can travel the world and shape your life with people and places, but Tree Hill will always be your home. Now it’s time for the new Ravens to step forward, to create the legacy they’re going to leave behind just like those before them. The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it. So make your wish. Do you have it? Good. Now believe in it with all your heart.
    GRAND OPENING November 15, 2016! Our grand opening. Make sure you read all the information. we've got lots of canons to choose from so take a look around.

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